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Welcome to The platform for aggregating enterprise data.

With our API, you have access to legal and financial information, as well as all contact data detected on the web by our algorithms (emails, websites, social networks…).

Our legal data is refreshed daily from the SIRENE directory.

Get started

1. Authentification

To access the service you must obtain an API key. Subscribe to an offer. Once registered, retrieve or generate your keys in your personal dashboard.

2. Get your Refresh Token

You can get your refresh token in your dashboard. The refresh token is valid for 1 year. This key will be used to retrieve your Access Token.

3. Get your Access Token

The access token is mandatory to query the API. To get your key, use the POST method to the following route :

Example with Axios :,{
refresh_token: "your-refresh-token",

4. Make your calls

Use the API and make your calls with the handler parameter :

    Authorization: "your-access-token",


Each successful request consumes one or more credits.


Responses are generated in JSON format.

Full Technical Documentation

Technical documentation with all available endpoints.


This service returns a company’s detailed information (legal data, key figures, managers, generic emails, websites, social networks, brands…) from a SIREN or a SIRET code, from a search or from a list.

Go to the TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION of the API to see every available endpoints.


The API uses the following HTTP standard codes:

Error code Description
400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden
404 Not Found
429 Too Many Requests
500 Internal Server Error